Monday, April 09, 2007

Website Updates & Thoughts On Passover

I know the Hebrew Root website hasn't exactly looked up-to-snuff lately, and everyone has my apologies for that. I took a good chunk of it down--broke it, really--while experimenting and deciding which direction to take the site in. I've now restored most of the links and functionality, and should have some new articles ready in the next few days.

This last weekend, Rabbi Gavri'el took me and some others to do a Passover Seder in Bremmon, GA (near the AL border). The Seder went very well, and our hosts were very gracious and welcoming.

I feel like we're in a time very much like that of King Josiah. In 2 Kings 22-23, we read how Hilkiah the High Priest discovered a long-lost treasure in the Temple of ADONAI: The scroll of the Torah. He presented the Torah to the king, who mourned, then sought a prophet (who told him that G-d would delay the time of judgment until after his reign). He then rededicated the realm to ADONAI and lead the whole nation together in keeping the Passover--something which had not been done since the time of the Judges, centuries before.

In the same way, the Ekklesia is rediscovering the Torah in the Temple of our fellowship. We are mourning and repenting from our past sin, particularly against our Jewish brothers and sisters. And now we see so many Christians from all denominations hungry to celebrate the Passover once again after so many centuries of absence. We pray that G-d hears our prayers and sends a time of refreshing, just as He did for Josiah.


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